Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Observation # 5

Today on Gizmodo there was a post on the Mars rover called Spirit, that may become in-operable soon. The rover had been on Mars for about five years and has collected a vast amount of information for NASA. The scientist say that a bad sand storm messed with the solar panels on the Mars rover and might make it in -operable from now on. The comments on this blog were pretty funny, alot of people felt that NASA should have known about this problem and took actions against it. The user "Navvywayy"comments pretty much spoke for everyone when he/she said

"What would we have discovered if the thing still worked?

Nasa Scientist 1: So, is mars still red today?
Nasa Scientist 2: Let me check the rover. Dammit - it's shut down! HOW ARE WE GOING TO TELL IF MARS IS STILL RED?!"

Althought this obviously is not the case, its still funny and shows how much they like to joke around on this blog and make fun of things.

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