Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Observation # 4

Today on Gizmodo I read an article about Speed Trap cameras in many other countires, and how they are just coming here to the U.S. In this post they talked about how all these cameras are placed around the country already are catching a large number of people speeding. A lot of people on the blog felt that this new type of technology was an invasion of privacy, and offerd advice and stories of ways to beat these new camears. The user "Sortafast" had this to say

"If speed limits were about safety, cars would be electronically limited to 55mph.

Speed limits are about REVENUE. It's all about catching you speeding so the local municipality can make money off the tickets.

I call it what it really is. The "Highway Tax"."

And alot of the other people on this blog agreed with him, although one user " Alchemistmerlin " was in opposition to what the majority of people were saying stating that "


"I should only follow the law if someone who might punish me can see me. Otherwise I should do whatever I want."

Your parents have taught you fantastically, and I'm glad you have such consideration for the safety of others on the road."

And took basically a vigilant approach on this topic, that others did not seem to wholly agree with. Some users felt stongly against this technology, although a few others felt it was justified and were criticizing others.

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